Open Data Hub – аll about open data at the one address

Welcome to the Open Data Hub!

In case you want to find out how to gather, publish or use data – you’re at the right address! This is a platform for information sharing, education, and networking, for all of you interested in open data – whether you are coming from the public administration, academy, media, IT, private sector, or civil society.

They say that the open data is the new oil. Without any doubt, they present a valuable resource for social development, economic growth, and trust-building among the state and the citizens since they contribute to greater transparency. To use their potential, we need to build a strong and proactive community. As a place for networking, knowledge-sharing and support the Open Data Hub will become a key element in the building of a dynamic open data ecosystem.

The Open Data Hub provides access to educational materials about ways to use and publish open data, information on the source of funding for open data initiatives, as well as access to different events (workshops, trainings, meetups), no matter the current level of knowledge.

Additionally, Open Data Hub gathers a group of experts who have been active in the open data ecosystem since the beginning, giving support to the open data initiative and open data users and publishers.

We invite you to check out the platform and to follow us through social media and directly by subscribing to our newsletter!

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